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Aubrey Logan

American Jazz Singer and Trombone soloist

Jazz is the great leveler as an art form and one of today’s most brilliant contemporary jazz artists to bless us with her story, is Aubrey Logan. 

A singer, trombone player and a songwriter, her body of work is underscored by the integrity of a performer that is able to stretch herself emotionally across a musical landscape that defies description. Complex and still retaining the intimacy of stories that are both personal and inspiring, Aubrey is able to bring a wealth of experience to her song writing that touches the deepest part of the human experience.

Recognized on the global stage as a performer who can deliver in the most informal of settings and then to huge festival audiences, her work is praised as being accessible, fresh and dynamic. It shines a light on an artform that can at times appear exclusive and hard to connect with. Aubrey certainly flips that narrative on its head and allows the music to bask in the sunlight; introducing new generations of listeners to her world of sophisticated songs. With a number one album ‘Where the Sunshine is Expensive’ already under her belt, Aubrey returns to the spotlight with her follow up collection, STANDARD

Once again diving deep into her Jazz roots, STANDARD is a journey into her musical past with covers of the some of the most recognizable tracks that have ever been made, plus her original work ‘Done Pretending’ and ‘Louboutins 2.0’.

Having worked with some incredible names in the past, including Quincy Jones, Burt Bacharach, Josh Groban, Smokey Robinson, Patrice Rushen and Pharrell Williams, Aubrey can bring those unique perspectives to the music she delivers. On STANDARD, reworks of ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac, ‘Macarthur Park’, and ‘Sunny Side of the Street’, show the astounding application of a woman at the top of her game. 

Moving between Jazz, Funk, tender love songs, to Calypso-infused rhythms and traditionally inspired fusions, her vocals and trombone playing sway between the caress of a long-lost love to triumphant powerhouse performances that simply blow the mind.

As the world has endured the most difficult year, Aubrey continues to produce music that brings hope, joy and that touch of fun to her audiences. Sassy, undeniably gifted and with talent to burn, Aubrey Logan is that Jazz artist that you need in your life.

Aubrey continues to headline sold-out shows and festivals. She continues to wow the crowds at symphony dates all over the world and she touches us in those rare intimate club shows. And with her latest album, we now discover that “The Queen of Sass” has depths to which we would never have imagined.

Confetti at Night Concert
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