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Musical Artist, Pianist and Composer

orn and raised in the inner city of Detroit, Charles Wilson III, known professionally as BLKBOK, has been immersed in music since a young age. Recognized as a piano prodigy by the age of eight, he won statewide accolades and excelled in college-level competitions. Choosing a path that reflected his deep connection to the piano and rap roots, he adopted the name BLKBOK, a nod to one of the greatest pianists and composers of all time, and an embodiment of the diverse influences that have shaped his artistic identity—from pop and hip-hop culture to groundbreaking, New-Classical expressions.

BLKBOK's debut album, "Black Book," marked a significant moment in his career. Critically acclaimed and recognized by The New York Times as one of the "5 Classical Albums to Listen to Right Now," it laid the foundation for his unique voice and vision. His mixtape releases and collaborations, such as "Angels Watching Over Me" with Lawrence Brownlee, further showcase his innovative presence in the music landscape.

His live performances are a dynamic, piano-driven experience that engages audiences in a dialogue about our collective identity and experiences. A career highlight includes the original track "Stars (Ad Astra)," the first-ever piano duet performed from space, exemplifying BLKBOK's commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

BLKBOK's sophomore album “9” is a tribute to the “Little Rock 9,” symbolizing a significant moment in American history of integration and equality. This album is a statement of Universal Love and togetherness, taking listeners through an intimate journey of disparity, equity, and black excellence. It sets the stage for meaningful conversations and emotions of healing and new beginnings, infused with hope and love. “9” is a series of stories told from an inclusive black perspective, designed to celebrate black excellence and contribute to a world where diversity is celebrated.

Through his music, BLKBOK illuminates a path of awareness and invites listeners on a journey that transcends the conventional, celebrating the power of music to unite and inspire.

Confetti at Night Concert
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